Welcome to ITRD!


Apex Predators are proud to present, our latest Introduction to Roller Derby course!


The course runs for approximately 21 weeks, and is tailored to help you grow from a beginner, to a confident rookie skater! 


Weeks 1-4 are designed especially for beginners, we will teach you the basics of roller skating, how to roll and stop safely.


From week 4 onwards, you will be taught and coached the WFTDA minimum skills, These skills are key in starting to play Roller Derby. you will receive your very own derby journal, this will help you track your individual progress and earn certificates throughout the course.


Skates and safety equipment are FREE to hire for the first 4 weeks of the course, they are then available to rent for a small fee.

We welcome people over 18, of all genders and backgrounds.

Course is £30pcm.

We can't wait to welcome you and get you started on your journey!

Apex Predators RD

We train on sundays 10am-1pm at:

greenacre academy, chatham


"I wanted to get fit, be challenged and have fun, but I find the gym really boring - so Intro to Roller Derby sounded perfect for me. I loved roller discos as a kid, but hadn’t been on skates for nearly thirty years when I signed up, and I was worried I’d be too old and too inexperienced. In fact, everyone on the team was really welcoming: there’s a huge mix of ages and experience, from complete beginners to experts, and they really encourage you to go at your own pace - there’s no pressure at all to get it right first time. There are also lots of social events and opportunities to learn other skills, like coaching, refereeing and promotion.

I’ve still got a way to go before I get my minimum skills, but I’m having so much fun learning, and there’s nothing like the feeling when a skill you’ve been practising suddenly clicks into place and you’ve nailed it. Whizzing round a track on roller skates is also a great stress-buster! I’d encourage anyone who wants to give it a go to sign up and see for yourself!"


"I started the ITRD course because I was interested in Roller Derby and wanted to learn how to skate. As a feminist, the sport appealed very much to me. As with any new skill, it was difficult at first to get the hang of it, but after 4-5 weeks I felt more confident on wheels. The learning curve was very fast, and it’s definitely worth the pain! (Which is crippling by the way. Your thighs will never be the same.) I’m really looking forward to broadening my skills and learning more about the sport. I’ve always believed that I was bad at sport, but I’m really enjoying Derby and can see myself participating for a long time."



We are always looking for new CHUMS!

Maybe you’ve never even skated before but you want to learn to play or referee Roller Derby, or maybe you don't want to skate, and you’re ALL about the stats we can teach you how to be a Non Skating Official.


Whether you’re on track as a Blue Shark, 

blowing a whistle as a Tiger Shark 

or a clipboard-wielding Great White, 

there is a spot here just for YOU!


So what are you waiting for?...

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